Festival Performers

Watch exciting cultural performances under the main tent on Sunday as the race finals take place on the Charles.  Keep reading below for information about the performers.  Refer also to the schedule of performances.

Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture (CCCC)

Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture, founded in 1991, is one of the largest Chinese culture centers in the Greater Boston Area. Its Art Troupe consists of a dance group, music ensemble, and a drumming group. This troupe has been active in various communities, bringing authentic Chinese performing art to a wide audience. Since its founding in 1994, the troupe has appeared at over 170 performances, including performing for the Special Olympics of Massachusetts, fundraising events for the Tsunami in Asia and Hurricane Katrina, and events in China. Some of their dances won top prizes at Boston area Chinese dance competitions.


Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Assoc (GBCCA)

A medley of Chinese Music, dances and yo-yo, will be performed by the GBCCA Chinese Music Youth Ensemble, directed by Chi-Sun Chan, the Little Dragon Girls and the Yo-Yo Team, taught and choreographed my Min Luo, Ke Ke, and Judy Ting. GBCCA Huaxin School of Arts provides the opportunity for youths to learn and to appreciate the diversity of Chinese music, visual and performing arts in a systematic manner. Currently, the School offers traditional Chinese dance, yo-yo, painting and calligraphy, sword dance, martial arts, and Chinese instruments such as guzhen, yangqin, erhu and dizi classes. These classes are for children and youths between 5 and 18 with group and semi-private lessons. For more information please visit:


Odaiko New England

Odaiko New England (ONE) began drumming in 1994 and is fast becoming one of the premier taiko ensembles on the East Coast. By combining Japanese aesthetic sensibility with the bold American spirit, ONE is forging its own modern distinctive style and voice as it challenges the very definition of the art of taiko.
Brought together by a common love of drumming, the members and supporters of Odaiko New England reflect the rich cultural diversity of New England. Through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and ongoing taiko classes, and through creating opportunities for communities to drum together, ONE’s wish is to proudly share heritage with as many people as possible in the hopes that it will enrich the lives of those who are touched by the sound of the taiko.


Wah Lum King Fu

Wah Lum Kung Fu of the U.S.A. was started by Grandmaster Chan Pui in Boston 38 years ago. He was one of the first martial artists to place a great importance on diversity and to start a school open to all who would work hard to master the art. Sifu Bob Rosen has been teaching Wah Lum Kung Fu since 1979 and currently operates the New England headquarters in Boston’s Chinatown. He continues the proud tradition of developing first rate martial artists of all ages through the rigorous physical training of Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu balanced by a philosophy that stresses self control, respect for others, fellowship and hard work.


Angel Performance Art, where your dance dreams come true!

Formed by Ms. Keke, Angel Dance Performance Art, with more than 200 students, is the largest Chinese dance school in the Greater Boston Area. Angel Performance Art retains a number of dedicated and experienced teachers who consistently provide professional teaching and disciplines to popularize the art of Chinese dance through their unique teaching style, to exploit each student's potential dance talent and artistic beauty.  The school has been highly valued and recognized by the communities over the years. 

Since its inception, Angel Performance Art has participated in many community events. In 2008, Angel Performance Art successfully held the "Sichuan Disaster Relief Charity Dance Evening" to raise $10,537.75 for charities to help rebuild a computer classroom in the Willow Street School in Dujiangyan, Sichuan.  In December 2009, Angel Dance was invited by the well-known professional ballet company, Boston BalletRox's, to join in their "Urban Nutcracker" performances, and successfully completed the 12 performances.   Angel Dance is committed to promote Chinese ethnic dance and culture to enrich the cultural life of the communities. New to the dance school curriculum - Solo Dance Course: we are introducing solo, pas de deux, and small dance to provide opportunity for children to display their best artistic talents!  Dance school curriculum includes Chinese dance basics, body rhyme posture, a finished dance, and basic skills training in ballet, jazz, and children's modeling. Each year, Angel Performance Art hosts a number of large-scale dance performances.Registration is now open for the spring semester in the following locations: Acton, Framingham, Lexington and Newton. For more information, please visit the Website at www.angelperformanceart.com, or call 617-230-3854.

O'Malley Tae Kwon Do Center

Tae Kwon Do is the world's most popular martial art. In its original form it was created as a means of self-defense and to create a stronger mind and body. It is now an Olympic sport.  Our martial arts classes are designed to provide an enriching and positive experience for all students. The purpose of our school is not to produce tough children, but to provide the means by which students bring out the best in themselves both physically and mentally. This balanced development means exercising all of the muscles and strengthen the body systematically. Mentally, this means developing aspects such as self-control, self-discipline and respect on a path to inner harmony. The end result is the positive improvement of the Tae Kwon Do practitioner. 

Master O'Malley has 37 years of teaching experience. He is recognized as one of the top instructors in the country today. As a teenager he was selected by Korean grandmaster Jae H. Kim to be his principal protégé. Shortly after this Master O'Malley was selected as a member of the US national team. After retiring from competition, he was chosen as the Chief Instructor at Grandmaster Kim's school in Boston. During this time, Master O'Malley was offered the position as a US team coach. In 2009, Master O'Malley was inducted into the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame.

Master O'Malley teaches full time at the MJ O'Malley Tae Kwon Do Center and will personally be involved in teaching your child this exciting martial art.。 Call today for more information: 978.290.5300 or email us at info@omalleytkdcenter.com

Shaila School of Dance

Shaila School of Dance currently specializes in teaching Bollywood dance forms, and offers innovative and fun programs ranging from fashionable bollywood to upbeat bhangra through to traditional folk dances of India as well as semi-classical dance form. We teach the ability to express dance movements freely at any age or level, and aim to inspire each student to dance the best they can while having fun and keeping fit. The choreography and dance moves are creative, the songs are the latest and all-time hits, and the class is a funpacked hour of song and dance. 

The students get an opportunity to perform on stage at school musicals, talent shows, and community and cultural events organized by various associations in the area.

Phone: 508.308.6605
Email:   shaila@shailadanceschool.com