Arts & Crafts

Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association Arts & Crafts

List of typical arts & crafts offerings. Some offerings may not be available every year.

Participatory workshops includes making authentic zong-zi, ornamental zong-zi, dough figures, Chinese macreme, creative fans, paper folding, paper cuttings, Peking opera masks, calligraphy, etc. 

Brushpainting, watercolor with Chinese brushes on rice paper, will be explained and then executed by Chinese artists. 

Chinese Calligraphy is an abstract art that requires much practice and patience. A master will show his/her work and on request write the names of characters on GBCCA bookmarks. 

Peking Opera Masks/Face Painting - Monkey King is a famous Chinese folklore character whose mischievous, clever and magical nature often lands him in many tricky situations. He is well loved by Chinese children. Monkey King masks will be printed on paper for children to color. In addition, face painting of characteristic Asian designs will be shown. 

Chinese Macrame is the art of tying knots in designed patterns. An artist will demonstrate how to use silk yarns to make ornaments. Samples of different macrame designs will be on display. 

Chinese Shuttlecocks is a traditional sport in which players try to keep the shuttlecock in the air by continually kicking it up before it falls to the ground. GBCCA members will show how to make Chinese Shuttlecocks. If you can kick it three times without dropping it, you may win a prize. 

Chopsticks are used as dinnerware and as cooking utensils in China. Test your manual dexterity with chopsticks. Can you pick up a peanut with a pair of chopsticks? How many pieces of marbles can you pick up in 30 seconds? 

Colored Dough Figures are fascinating artwork. Using dough made of flour, water, salt, food coloring and small wooden stick, a skilled artist can creat vivid miniatures of storybook characters and animals. Colored dough will be available for participants to try out their own skills. 

Paper Folding, originated in China, was developed into the fine art of Origami in Japan. Your will learn how to transform a piece of paper into a frog, a butterfly, a boat and more. 

Savory Zung-ze is a special rice dish eaten at the Dragon Boat Festival in China. Rice steamed in bamboo leaves, peanuts, pork, Chinese mushrooms, and variety of other ingredients are used in the making of this dish. A demonstration on the making of zung-ze will be on display. 

Ornamental Zung-ze, made up of yarn, paper and aromatic herbs, is hung in the house during the Dragon Boat Holiday in China. Members of GBCCA will show how to wrap colorful yarns into the shape of zung-ze. 

Tangrams, known as "seven clever pieces" in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese puzzle game. A set of Tangram consists of seven flat pieces. They can be arranged into difficult designs, but all seven pieces must be used each time.